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Valley Of The Sun Pet Doors
The Hottest Pet Doors For The Coolest Pets

Jim Slater, Owner of Valley of the Sun Pet Doors, with George

I’ll Install Any Kind of Pet Door in Any Location in Your Home

No matter what size pet you have, there’s a pet door that’s just the right size for you. I’ll help you choose the best door for your dog or cat and install it in the perfect place in your home.

  • In Door Dog Door – I can replace your existing door with a new door with a pet door installed in it
  • In Wall Doggie Door – through all types of walls
  • In Glass Pet Door
  • Sliding Glass Panel Pet Door
  • Screen Pet Door – in screen doors and screen rooms

When you have an energy efficient, 2 flap dog door installed, you can save on your energy bills because you won’t be opening your full size door many times each day to let your dog or cat out and back in again.

Your dog will stay healthier and happier when it can go out and ‘take care of business’ whenever necessary instead of having to wait until you get home.

When you are home, you can relax and not have to get up every time your pet wants to check out the backyard and come back into the house.

Guaranteed Pet Door, Guaranteed Installation

Hale Pet Door provides a 5 Year Warranty on their dog doors which includes a pro-rated coverage on the flaps.

Jim Slater of Valley of the Sun Pet Doors has over 30 years of experience in both commercial and residential construction. This experience ensures an excellent installation of your new pet door.

His professional installation includes prompt and courteous service, complete clean up, answering all questions about your dog door and a guaranteed installation.

Rescued Your Pet? Ask About Hale Pet Door Rescue Rewards

If you have rescued a pet, you’ll get 10% off your Hale Pet Door because you saved a life. Let Jim know the name of the rescue or shelter where you adopted your pet, and Hale Pet Door will donate 10% of the cost of your Hale Pet Door to the rescue or shelter.

Call 602-492-6123 today to discuss your cat door or dog door installation needs in the Phoenix, Gilbert, Mesa, Scottsdale, Chandler, Tempe, Queen Creek and other Southeastern Phoenix metro areas within a 50 mile radius of Gilbert. Travel to outlying areas may incur a trip charge.