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Where’s the Best Place for Your Pet Door?

Get a Wall Mounted Pet Door

A wall dog door is the most energy efficient because of the air space between the flaps. If you have wall space with access to your fenced yard, this may be the best option for you. The wall pet door keeps your pets away from your entry way, creating a harmonious traffic pattern in your home.

Have Your Dog Door Installed in Your Door

If you want your pet to use your entry, choose a door pet door. Because the entrance is established, your dog or cat can easily use their special door within your door. If you don’t want to cut a hole in your door, I can replace your door with a doggie door installed in it. When you move, you can simply replace your doggy door with the original door.

Through Glass Doggie Door is an Elegant Solution

Many Phoenix area homes have a lot of glass so you can enjoy the outdoors even while inside. An in glass pet door gives you the clearest view of all while your pet enjoys freedom to roam the yard and come inside again. Because tempered glass can’t be cut, your glass must be replaced with glass that is cut for the dog door then tempered. This installation is completely reversible as you keep your original glass which can be reinstalled when you move or no longer need your in glass dog door.

Enjoy Good Weather with a Screen Dog Door

A screen pet door keeps the bugs out while your pet comes and goes. Screen dog doors can be installed in screen doors, screen porches and screen rooms.

No matter what type of home or pet you have, Jim Slater of Valley of the Sun Pet Doors can help you find the best pet door and the best place to install it. If there are bug or electrical lines in the wall where you want your pet door, he can move them. If the best place for your dog door is through a wall where the outside elevation is too great for your pet, Jim will build stairs or a ramp.

Call 602-492-6123 today, and we’ll talk about your new pet door.

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